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So yesterday I cooked dinner, actually I cook dinner most days. It makes sense that I do this, as one I get hungry, and two my Housemate is often at work. The last thing she wants to be doing is cooking the food when she is already tired out. So I cook instead, that way everybody is fed. Last night it was a joint of roast lamb, with all the trimmings: Cauliflower cheese, carrots and roast tatties, the only thing missing was the Yorkshire puddings. But I did manage to make some Banana Bread, which was fucking delicious, even if I say so myself. Having Claire about the place has reignited my love of cooking and baking, getting to eat everything just adds to the pleasure of it all.

What else? Ooh The creativity has been coming along nicely, as has the garden. Though this bit has seen a small lapse of recent. Either it has been raining, overly grey, or like today just plain cold. I know a spot of hard work will soon warm a man up, getting the man outside to do the warming up is another matter altogether. Motivation seems to be the biggest factor here, or rather a general lack of. This only exacerbates the ongoing situation that is crying out to be dealt with. Putting the bicycles away for the winter, raking up those pesky leaves. Clearing away the dead things into a pile for the hedgehogs and other small animals to nest down in. All of these are good things to be done and provide for that sense of having done something. They can wait a little while until this spot of writing is complete. Then I must order in some supaglue, or just go and buy some, whichever is easier.

Superglue ordered, going out is pointless when everything can be done online. This saves petrol and the inconvenience of dealing with other members of the human race. Also, I get to spend more time doing those things I love and enjoy, like gardening and chatting with friends I have not spoken to in a long time. It is comforting to know they have overcome the obstacles placed in front of them. Whether anyone was listening as we all prayed is something to be debated, what is for certain it did no harm.

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