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John F Kennedy was killed on this day 1963

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Ooh let me see just what has happened since I last wrote? To be honest precisely fuck all has happened. I spent money buying some canvas and am now getting an urge to buy paint. Which may involve going into town and having a look in my two favorite shops, both of them art related. Otherwise I can take a firm grip on reality, sit down here, breathe deeply and write, which followed by model building will see my mind in a safe place for at least another 24 hours. Then it will be time to decide what else there is to do. There is a garden that needs raking over, flower beds that need turning over and tidying up in abundance. I am a lazy gardener at the best of times and the threat of cat shit on my lawn is now acting against my better instincts. The stuff sticks to the soles of my shoes like toffee, it is disgusting, smelly and horrible. The leaves need raking up, or the grass will be killed off. Turning the space into something resembling The Somme, albeit without the churned up ground and dismembered bodies strewn across the place.

A battlefield, yesterday

You see, war is a ghastly satanic practice that necessitates killing people as a sacrifice to the Evil one. That people flock in their droves to participate in this business by joining their country's military says everything that is wrong with our species and the system that surrounds and attempts to control us. People get lost in a haze of bullshit called patriotism and the mentality that: ‘My flag is better than yours.’ Which comes with it. Which is a crying shame really, cause all flags do is create division and act as rallying points to commit any number of silly things. War included.

Argentina has just elected themselves a new leader, Javier Melei and predictably he wants The Falklands back. Next thing it will be the world cup, he is welcome to both. One is several thousand miles away from the UK and Argentina plays a better game of football than we do. Having won the Jules Rimet trophy three times as opposed to just once, when the Russian linesman was not watching what was going on. The fact that he was not particularly well disposed towards the Germans, may also have played a part.

Javier Melei

It was something to do with the war you know.

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