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Just before I start writing today I thought it right to start on the windowsill. Clean it down, give it a light sand, and then undercoat it. The next task will be to determine how to prevent cats from alighting upon and then covering themselves in paint and spreading the stuff everywhere. You see cats have this alarming ability to sense out and then put themselves anywhere they think has just been freed up and therefore having to be marked and otherwise sat upon. felines have no sense of ownership and or personal space, everything belongs to them. They do not understand commands like dogs or at least just pretend not to. They are creatures that simply do not give a fuck, this is to be expected from a species that were once revered as gods in ancient cultures. It is the first thing each new kitten learns, that their ancestors were gods. The second thing is: Don't let the human forget it. They will never forget it, how can they? It is reinforced every day by their feline companion who demands attention, even to be worshipped and given all sorts of ridiculous names of endearment. Then the thing either farts or switches from licking its arse to your hand. Which exposes its true colours to the point where even an idiot can tell the bastard is taking the piss.

If you come here regularly, you may notice I write about cats quite a lot, or at least have been doing so. It is barely a surprise, I do have four of them. As can be imagined They also take up a fair amount of my time, either feeding them, fussing them or shouting at the bastards when they upturn the bin and knock stuff off the countertops. It is also easier on my mind to write about felines than it is about the state of the world, near-constant war and mans inhumanity to his fellow creatures. Writing about this does nothing for my mental health, speaking about does worse and reading of it... Well that just triggers the depression to the point where it turns into doom scrolling, which wastes the day and leads to more depression. To counter these things it is useful to find other things to do, paint window sills, clean the home and tidy the garden. Anything that steers the ego away from the internet and the so called news. The propaganda churned out that passes as impartial and otherwise unbiased from what is clearly a Zionist backed government and a public broadcaster so hell bent on pumping out its own message it has forgotten its core principles. You see how easy it is to be distracted away from the free and easy to the dark and gloomy shit that hangs in the sky above? Look up and you will see the clouds, look further and the sun will always be there, warming the land and making things grow. Look at the beauty of man's creation and that of nature too and your mind may just be freed up enough to realise for every ton of shit , there has to be an equal amount of manure. Manure helps the crops grow, Roses love the stuff. Growth inspires the artistic mind as does nature, as did terror fear and war. Just look at the work of Francisco Goya

The 3rd of May 1808

Cats aside, this planetary ship has some pretty fucked up people on board of it, for some reason they want to control the world and everyone on it. They come in the shape of Billionaires, political leaders and media magnates. Many of them are sociopaths and are seriously and clinically unwell. They do not care if their actions kill the innocent. Indeed it can be argued that for some it is the more the merrier, especially when they have friends who support and perhaps even encourage. Killing the innocent, Women, children and old people is nothing new. They have been doing it for centuries and are doing so today, they fucking love it. They love creating a veritable hell on earth for their neighbours and do not care for other people's opinions or mass public outcry. They will stamp down on that as well, silencing anyone who disagrees with their policies. These are the sort of people whom dogs will bark at, cats hiss and arch their backs. Birds turn around in mid flight and fly away from. They are friendless apart from to their fellow sufferers and even them they hate and suspect, lest they are sway from the course. Their God is the one known as Satan, that is the one known to the uninitiated as the Devi

War: newsprint on canvas, 2004. The author

It will come as little surprise that the content of the above piece of work and its companion were gleaned in the space of a couple of hours from around three newspapers and a couple of magazines. The media holds such a presence over people's minds as to make them think what they want them to think. This is making people sick, it makes the planet sick it is killing us as a race and as a people more effectively than any H bomb, any Operation Gomorrah. Any Hiroshima.

Newsprint on canvas: Hate, 2004, The author

Anyway, Ninja is fast asleep on the desk next to me, he has given up trying to eat the scraps out of my breakfast bowl and is now dreaming of catching mice and unending bowls of cat food. He thinks he is getting Chicken for lunch, he is not.

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