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So ( I usually start a blog thus) I have been a little busy these last several days. There have been a few ups and downs and plenty going on to keep me out of trouble and on the straight and narrow. The new website looks a hundred times better than the old word press one. The ease of use here and the flexibility of Wix are to be lauded though saying that SEO and the like are a little troublesome, or at least are to an amateur like myself. How else am I going to learn, but by taking the Bull by the horns? The Bull does not mind or has shown no signs of distress and I am learning something new that I would otherwise have topay through the nose for. Relationships are moving slowly but surely upwards. We each have our issues and work through them together, sometimes we sleep in our own beds. Other times in each other's arms, whilst one of us snores and tries to extricate their upper limb from the other's embrace without disturbing them. Other times it is simply a case of fuck it, yanking the limb free and rolling over. Of course it is not me who does the snoring, that activity is for other people. Sleeping aside our conversations are peaceful, often very funny and laced with passion, verve and no small amount of swearing. Neither of us are short on a decent vocabulary Fucking wanker just sounds that much better than useless, inept, murderous and other adjectives that are available. It is safe to say there is a shared dislike of our (s)elected leaders and the current state of the world and neither of us has any doubt that Bibby Netanyahu is a sociopathic Zionist fuckwit. As for the rest of them, well they are all cut from the same cloth and terrified of upsetting the Israelites or whatever it is they wish to be known as. Murderous Zionist scum is a s good as any description for those people. The same title can be safely applied to any and all terrorist organisations including Hamas who use religion as an excuse to murder and torture the innocent. All of that aside it is an absolute joy to have such pleasant company and I give thanks every day to Dog almighty for having such a pleasant housemate.

some stretched canvas yesterday

Creatively speaking C. ( Why am I referring to her as a letter, when her name is Claire?) Has provided the source nay inspiration for several new paintings. She is photogenic as fuck and I have promised to immortalise her, albeit on canvas. Or in this case, lining paper. What she thinks of the end result of what comes out of my paintbrush is another matter. She will either love it, hate it,, or something, actually I do not care what she thinks, well actually I do but please don't tell her that as she is a sensitive soul. My big mouth you see has an intermittent filter and causes all sorts of excitement and unnecessary trouble. Having a closed mouth and (a) more open ear(s) is a goal I aim towards, self-work, perseverance and mindfulness will contribute too. Anyway there is a large pile or should it be called stack of WIP downstairs now, sometimes I think I need a larger house, more boards, or more something. Other times it is simply a case of saying fuck it! painting painting and then painting a little more. I have this current want to buy stretched canvas, it is probably born out of wanting to spend money. Stretched canvas like many things comes in differing shapes and sizes. The prices vary too some of it is dirt cheap and not worth the bother, and only results in tears of frustration and misery. To get anything decent you have to pay that little bit more and then it is a case of knowing where to shop and what to shop for. Even the top brands make their own value range now and like most value goods I am inherently suspicious of them. Have you ever bought the value-labelled food from your local supermarket? If so then you will probably know what I mean. You may also have asked yourself, why did I buy this cheap crap as it falls apart in your hands. Buying rubbish only results in frustration and having to spend more later. Buying quality overrides this every time. It may cost a little more but the results are longer lasting and more satisfying than cheap rubbish which includes anything that says MADE IN CHINA on it.

My mental health is pretty good, and having company at home helps of course. It also feels better for writing and doing stuff around the home. It would be nice to say, indeed it is nice to say we complement each other. At least I think we do. The cats are happy or show no signs of being otherwise. Claires recent purchase of a new blanket has been welcomed and then seized and sat upon upon by Ninja. He has also laid claim to her bed as his own and is now a vey happy cat. Her recent gift of cat food was welcomed with open paws and told they will eat that food too. Making the dread shopping trip to JS almost null and void now. I will gladly buy the stuff online if I can save myself the grief of going to that particular supermarket chain. I will gladly give my money to Mr. Bezos if it saves a trip. If it comes to it I may well explore another branch of the same, though TBH if the two near me are anything to go by then Jeff will again be onto a winner. I have previously written about the owner/ founder of Amazon albeit on the old website

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