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Updated: Oct 20

I recently moved my allegiance away from another hosting site, their set up was ponderous, heavy on the brain and I wanted a change. So I have moved to Wix where in fact I was once before, where a beautifully and easily laid out website was created and when I came back was in fact still here. For some reason, it had not been deleted, nor had its companion which ultimately means the onward path is already illuminated. Perhaps that also means no more faffing around time wasting and more productivity doing what I love most, like being creative, working hard (On Myself) And painting, the garden needs attention too, the pots being put away for the winter and all the other things a small garden needs. gardening et al are all great methods of dealing with mental stress and upset, they provide an outlet a way to let go of energy in a positive and perhaps creative manner. Those things that provide a result, that turns base metal into gold (Water into wine) and provide gentle assurance that something has been done this or any other day.

Things have taken a turn for the better on the domestic front too, I am getting to know someone, and we are taking it slowly, both knowing what it is like to have our fingers burnt. I feel comfortable with her, she says the same about me. We cook each other dinner and go out for walks around the place, we enjoy each other's company. She even tolerates my history lessons on various points of British and European history, I like listening to her speaking about philosophy, she is engaging, passionate and is someone I feel safe with. She has helped me grow as a human being and helped me become a better man. I had better not write too much more in case she reads this and becomes embarrassed. Which would make her already beaming smile just that little bit broader.

The painting is coming along nicely with lots awaiting completion and new ideas coming in every day, waiting for a space to be realised. I prefer painting in the evenings, that is when I have the house to myself, other times are spent more speaking to each other and perhaps getting to know each other that little bit more. We are planning on going to the coast this weekend, the sea air clears the head and a change of scenery has long been on the cards for both of us.

This is a new website please take a look around, there is something for everyone. ( I think) Naturally with all new things, there is still work to be done, so pop back as and when you can or subscribe to my mailing list.


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